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Italian Solid Design: design applied to marble!

If there is any material that can represent the real flagship of Italian artistic production and manufacturing, this is definitely marble. Our country history of art, which has seen so many prominent figures in every discipline, has perhaps reached its highest peaks in sculpture and architecture, thanks to the presence of a true national material, while other areas (painting , literature …) could not be connected so closely to a specific raw material. Much has changed in terms of styles and shapes from the Renaissance to our days, but nothing has changed in terms of taste, elegance and harmony. Italian design is still today setting the rules for design all over world.

2P Trading has always devoted a lot of resources and energy to creating marble design objects. During these years our designers at 2P have created different objects and furnishing accessories in natural stone. Objects that can turn your home or office into a unique and exclusive place. Italian Solid Design was created in 2015 as a spin-off company entirely devoted to designing solid ideas and giving a stylish touch to everyday life.

It is with great pride that we will introduce to all of you the new 2P Trading e-commerce at Marmomac 2018. The Italian Solid Design products can now be purchased by everyone in one click. You can now buy the beautiful Soundballs and many others soon!