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A new chapter of marble’s history

Un nuovo capitolo della storia del marmo

Since a few days, we are back to normal operation of our company. It feels a bit like first day of school, after the storm that has swept us up and has forced us to completely twist our lives in the past couple months. We trust, anyway, that this will soon be a memory and that we will be able, with all necessary precautions, to come back to work and live serenely. Right now the will of restarting is strong, and we hope we can do it with energy as soon as possible.

We have thought to use this time that we are extraordinarily given, far from the usual frenzy that we are used to, to prepare a series of newsletters with which we can give everyone some more information on the materials we normally work with, telling a bit of their story and introducing them in a more detailed manner.

Our main materials will be divided in three families:

The great classics of our local production.

• Bianco Carrara
• Calacatta 
• Statuario
• Statuarietto
• Venatino
• Arabescato


A timeless color, that offers surprising and ultra modern combinations.

• Bardiglio Nuvolato
• Bardiglio Imperiale
• Grigio Versilia
• Gold Versilia
Bardiglio Bluette

Materials with an unmistakable look, that have always been part of our history and that are now coming back on the scene powerfully.

• Arabescato Vagli
• Calacatta Viola
• Calacatta Vagli Oro
• Rosso Levanto
• Verde Imperiale
• Grigio Etrusco
• Vert D’Estours

Follow us in the next news to enrich our knowledge of these materials!