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The greys

Grey is an absolute classic color that, in the past few years, has become a new trend.

Its success is surely due to its versatility: the ultimate neutral color, is perfectly paired to all other colors, whether they are in the minimal palette ( white, black, beige) or more distinctive colors that create interesting contrasts (e.g. yellow or pastel shades).

In the same way, grey makes the perfect background to both modern and classic/ romantic settings, due to its whispered elegance that allows endless combinations.

The only risk you may take when using grey, is that of having a surround that is a bit dull: but this risk is totally avoided when the grey element is represented by marble, as this stone, with is unique veinings and always changing shades, gives life and peculiarity to every project

Let’s browse through some of the most important grey marbles.

Bardiglio Nuvolato
The perfect match for Bianco Carrara, in fact often used with it, is the grey marble for excellence. Bardiglio Nuvolato has a deep grey/ blue color, crossed by strong white veins. It’s a resistant material, good for both indoor and outdoor. At 2P it is always available in tiles of all sizes and in 2 an 3 cm slabs.

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Bardiglio Imperiale
Blazoned cousin of Bardiglio Nuvolato, it’s a grey/ blue uniform and elegant, crossed by thin darker veins that can occasionally be white. Good for both indoor and outdoor, it’s available in tiles 1 cm thick and slabs at 2 and 3 cm.

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Grigio Versilia and Gold Versilia
This material really had a boom in the recent times, thanks to its light and refined grey tone, perfect for more modern settings. Fine grain material, it is characterized by busy spider web white veins , good for in & outdoor, perfect for 1 cm tile but also of great effect also in slabs. From the classic Grigio, here at 2P we have also selected the GOLD shade – that includes a golden vein with an amazing look in its elegant contrast. This material is usually installed in a honed finish, but it’s obviously available also in polished and it’s particularly suitable for the brushed finish.

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Grigio Argento
The newest intake in our materials’ portfolio, Grigio Argento is already making its room as an extremely versatile one. Color is light and the texture uniform, which make it combinable with practically all colors and styles possible. At 2P you will find this pass-partout both in slabs that in tiles of all formats!

Bardiglio Bluette
This material is heavily identified by a 45 degree veining that goes from white to grey/blue, to beige; this marble could give to all projects a unique and unmistakable character. To obtain this diagonal effect, blocks need to be cut in a way that make big slabs not available.