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“Special” Materials

All stones are fruit of the patient work of Mother Nature who, during millennia of extremely delicate and costant labor, has spread the planet with several varieties of marbles. There are marbles of every color and every consistency, with the most incredible veins and with delicate or striking colors.

Fantasy can go wild in seeking the most unusual and exotic materials, for effects of guaranteed scenographic impact.

After years of trends linked only to the minimal binomial white /grey (that is still doing the lion’s part in the majority of projects, thanks mostly to its elegant versatility), nowadays new doors open also for marbles with stronger, more showy colors.

A look a bit more cheeky on one side, with strong vintage echoes on the other, is taking stage again.

Even our increased attention to nature itself, brings us to more appreciate materials where the natural component is evident, and that often leave us with an open mouth, in front of the infinite declinations it can take.

We have picked some materials that, for us, are better representing this tendency, and that can be the accent which makes your project unique and unmistakable.


Arabescato Vagli
Quarried in the homonymous town in the province of Lucca, it is characterized by an ivory white background and bold grey and green veins. This beautiful marble unites a contemporary character with echoes from ancient villas, enrichening every ambient.

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Calacatta Viola
It will surely not pass unobserved, with its cream background and rich blood color veins. Recalls to royal palaces from 18th century and from opulent and luxurious ambients are evident, nevertheless this marble is perfectly combining with modern concepts, as you can see in our dedicated Pinterest gallery.

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Calacatta Vagli Oro
Quarried, like the Arabescato, in the province of Lucca, it shows rich rust/gold veins, that enlighten every room. It is protagonist in both more classic and modern settings, where it adds warmth and uniqueness.

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Rosso Levanto
A super classic, with liver red color and busy dark green and white veins, that can either be the absolute protagonist of the room, or be the eye catcher accent if combined to lighter colors. Although its difficult structure, here at 2P we cut 1 cm tiles of Rosso Levanto like for other colors.

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Verde Imperiale
In combination with Bianco Carrara, a great classic in the Italian Villas tradition. By itself, an element of color that is as intense and as relaxing as only green can be, with its unmistakable recalls to nature and vegetation. The utmost popular “jungle look” cannot forget a touch of green in every ambient!

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Grigio Etrusco
An absolutely surprising material, elegant and giving total uniqueness to every installation. Its light grey color is crossed by large gold veins, a yellow that is typical of Giallo Siena, whose same quarry it is caved from , in fact. A book match made with this stunning marble will give your project a unique character. And, opposite to the Giallo, the Grigio Etrusco can also be cut into 1 cm thickness to make tiles for floors and walls of sure scenic effect.

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Vert D’Estours
A refined material, elegant and peculiar. This quarry has been closed for a long time and only recently reactivated, and at 2P we loved this marble for its ivory color and its green veins, thin and incisive at the same time. The classic look it evokes perfectly matches the most recent trends that see the combination of “old Style” materials with ultra modern furniture.

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